Introducing THE TWIN a single phase energy saving. Dual fan system from DMK Installations, designed not only for load shedding but to save you electricity and money on a everyday basis.

THE TWIN Power saving system, consists of the following .

Ducting adapter unit.
Dual fan housing .
Weather cowl with protection grid.
Internal vertical discharge unit.
Two German Engineered Single phase power saving extraction fans.
Top and bottom servicing panels.
Isolators and waterproof slide unit.
20m cable and 2 serge protector plugs.


This is a German Engineered two motor run system that allows you to use both motors simultaneously giving you full power when the restaurant is busy and in full swing, or one motor during quieter times.
This will be the perfect power saving system as it does not only save you battery power when load shedding is happening but saves you electricity and money during normal times.

Even with both fans running the
SMALL Twin only uses 640w (After start up) or one fan 320w (After start up)
The MEDIUM Twin only uses
1.3kw (After start up) or one fan 650w (After start up)
The LARGE Twin
only uses 1.3kw (After start up)
or one fan 650w (After start up)
The Extra Large Twin
Only uses (After start up)
or one fan 1.5kw ( After start up)


Hardwaring and durable the Twin is a high quality dual motor system, this means in years to come if one motor stops working the other will keep on going giving you no down time..


Small unit..

TOTAL = R17 850.50
VAT = 15%
OVERALL TOTAL = R20 527.50
Medium unit.

TOTAL = R21 625
VAT = 15%
OVERALL TOTAL = R24 868.75
Large unit.

Total = R25 250
VAT = 15%
Overall Total = R29 037.50
Twin XL unit.
Total = R32 850
VAT = 15%
OVERALL TOTAL = R37 777.50

The Twin comes with a full one year guarantee.
Please give us a call and speak to one of our consultants to find the correct Twin for your needs…………